Auto Protective Coatings

Protect your vehicle from the every day wear and tear of life...

At B&M Auto Protective Coatings we offer a small but essential selection of protective coatings for your car, truck, bakkie or vehicle that is used for more industrial apprlications.


We offer a select range of colours for our coating products


Our rubberizing coatings is hardwearing, has brilliant adhesive strength on most surfaces and particularly on painted surfaces such as bakkie bins. This exceptional strength is also the reason for its super tough nature in withstanding wear and tear. It bonds the particles of tyre rubber together to form a non-slip coating that can withstand a hard beating.

We have finally have the most effective means of protecting bakkie bins and other substrates on the market. The reason is due to this new water-based polymer technology that exhibits all the desirable elements for such coatings.
(As shown in the photos on the left and below)

Armourizing Your Car

Like wearing a suit of armour, this new space technology coating is designed for the hard life of the warrior bakkie, or 4x4 vehicle that speeds into the bush on stony gravel roads, spitting little rocks up onto your bodywork and scraping your way through dense thorny bush in the reserve or on your farm.

The product we use is truly a futuristic protective coating shielding from water, sun, thorny bushes, stone chipping, cold, slipping, traffic etc, can be applied to boat decks, bakkie linings, stone chip underbody, swimming pool decks, roofs, driveways, parking areas, stairways, walls, garden furniture etc.


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